Important Event Update – JIMF 2021

To all our followers, entrants, visitors I am so sorry to tell that we have had to cancel the event this year.

We had a fantastic entry coming over with groups from Brooklands, Goodwood, 750 motor club and were hosting a round of the Austin 7 Bert Hadley Championship, we had over 200 touring vehicles booked to come over, many extending their visit to take in the annual holidays.

We have been in dialogue with the Bailiffs panel but they are only able to guide us on the event safety and although they are linked to other areas in government were unable to get any security for the event, so due to lack of guidance to me as an organiser from the powers that should be showing an interest in getting our Island back on its feet and comments from the bailiffs office- that they could not give me any decision until the 11th hour if the event can run or not. A decision had to be made. 

There seemed to be a lack of financial understanding that organisers like our little club of 50 members club cannot run up to the 11th hour, spend £100k and lose it, as well as all the families and participants have to pay Condor upfront and lose deposit on a sliding scale for accommodation – the nearer you get to your booking the more you lose if you cancel. The event is funded by the hospitality franchises we offer on the parks and our sponsors like Rubis. Our traders will be devastated with this news as they have been hit so hard and this looked like a ray of hope.  

I asked if the government would cancel the event which meant nobody would lose anything, or assist me in getting controls together in order to make this event happen for economic reasons under the proviso if Covid really got bad then naturally we cancel as it is important we safeguard our island residents and visitors, nothing was forthcoming except the 11th hour decision from Bailiffs panel and the decision being left to me to decide if it was economical to run or cancel.

It is very disappointing to cancel this event which is major on the UK and European classic calendar.  We as volunteers put many hours into this for the benefit of our community and the hospitality industry of our Island which we do so well. I can only apologise for all the local clubs and club members who have been desperately waiting to show off their pride and joy and on the motorsport side get back behind the wheel or back into leathers to learn the hills again.

I am sorry to let the Island down but my hands are tied.

Steve Salmon
Event organiser – JIMF2020/21

What Happened in 2019 

The 2019 Festival had a big itinerary
including sprints, hillclimbs, static displays, music and food

Each year we aim to bring something new to the festival and 2019 was no exception

What’s on 2019

About JIMF

WELCOME to the RUBIS Jersey International Motoring Festival

The Rubis Jersey International Motoring Festival is the largest annual motoring event in the Channel Islands,
comprising competitive sprint and hillclimbs for classic & vintage cars and motorcycles.

About JIMF

Thursday Action

Rolling Road Show 2019

JIMF Festival started with a Rolling Road Show on Victoria Avenue.

Moonlight Sprint

Moonlight Sprint 2019

The moonlight sprint features a great variety of classic cars and bikes. Eligibility is based on manufactured date – for cars,
they must be manufactured before 1993 and for motorcycles, before 1984.
All vehicles are split into various classes, depending on their year of manufacture and cubic capacity.

Moonlight Sprint


Westmount Hillclimb on Saturday and Mount Bingham Hillclimb – 2019

The Westmount hill climb is conveniently situated alongside the showground at the Peoples Park.
Mount Bingham Hillclimb is located on the edge of St Helier near the harbour


Food & Drinks

Throughout the weekend there will be lots to keep you entertained

Food Village with an even wider range of local and international food and drinks.

Food Festival


24 live acts on 2 stages over 2 days

Live music has been a centre-piece of JIMF for several years and for the 2019 festival we have larger stages and even more music!


Static Displays

Car and motorcycle dealerships alongside local business displays

Static Displays


JIMF thank all of our sponsors who help keep this amazing event going.

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